Project Abstracts

Rescued 9 Million Dollar Medical Interface Conversion Project

Joined an eGate to Rhapsody conversion project while it was underway and at risk of failure. Met with stakeholders, reviewed contracted goals, and implemented corrective processes. Improved team accountability, communication, and conversion rate while improving quality. Managed offshore and local resources (14 in New Zealand and 6 in Los Angeles) while serving as primary contact with the Client.

Improved Delivery for Mobile Application and Monetization Systems

Brought critical process improvements to core team initiatives. Moved Ad Server, Web Server, SDK, and TestFlight Teams to Scrum process with a consistent two week Sprint cycle. Provided measurable KPI (Burndown) status and increased team velocity. Process planning procedures were implemented and adopted by cross-functional teams. Implemented a transparent and productive Sprint planning process.

Foreign Film and Box Office Data Conversion Project

The scope of this project included the ingestion of International Box Office and Project information into the core Baseline database. In addition, 17 existing manual reports were automated with SQL SSRS reporting modules. At project re-start the initiative was behind schedule and in danger of cancellation. The project team consisted of 7 development and 3 business resources. Company specific budget numbers were not shared with the project team. At project completion the client was able to enhance competitive advantage by providing domestic and international financial information with existing core services.

Redefined project scope, identified project risks, and removed team impediments. Recreated the WBS for remaining deliverables and developed project requirements. Established daily build meetings, designed final reporting parameters, prototyped new reporting environment, and participated in acceptance testing with the product owner. Created and managed the implementation schedule. We obtained final acceptance, measured implementation successes, lessons learned, and delivered final project report to project sponsor.

Hollywood Information Database and Media Web Site

The InHollywood website is a comprehensive online database for filmmakers, writers, actors, as well as professionals working in feature film development and production. With flexible subscription plans, is a solution for film professionals seeking the quality of information published in The Studio System at an affordable monthly rate.

At project re-start the initiative was more than 6 months behind schedule. The project team consisted of 5 development and 2 business resources. Company specific budget numbers were not shared with the project team. At project completion the website was able to enhance competitive advantage by providing a “Prosumer” experience for the targeted user demographic.

eForms and Electronic Medical Record Workflow Improvement

The EMR Encounter Forms and workflow improvement project was 12 months duration, 6-team member, approximately $400,000 in hardware, and approximately $600,000 for development and implementation costs. This project redesigned and improved a paper based encounter workflow into an electronic forms implementation with distribution and training of tablet computers to the Physicians. Encounter form turn-around time was reduced from 6 days to same-day. CPT Codes, procedure codes, were standardized and included in the encounter workflow. Billing and ICD-9 Coding processes were optimized and backlogs eliminated. Coding standards were updated to include ICD-9 diagnosis to the fifth digit. Clinician workload was optimized and received praise from 98% of the Physicians.

Establish Patient Outreach Center (CRM and Enrollment Center)

This project set up and optimized Enrollment Center operations for Patient outreach efforts. The selection and implementation phase of this project was 3 months, 4 team members, and approximately $400,000 (hardware, personnel, and vendor start-up costs). Selected CRM vendor, deployed new workstations, created network, and trained Enrollment Center personnel. Configured CRM to meet project requirements. This project resulted in the selection, design, and implementation of CRM System for the newly created enrollment center. The Outreach Center personnel were able to explain the Medicare Program for High Cost Beneficiaries to over 20,000 CMS members. Enrolled Patients were automatically transferred to the EMR for visit scheduling by using Web Services links between the two systems.

Establish Operations Disaster Recovery Policies and Procedures

This 6-month project provided alternative operations for Electronic Health Record in the advent of problems at the primary site. Worked with vendors to design and create secondary site for an A/B fail-over configuration for over 350 users. Updated network and system configurations to support new procedures, created fail-over procedures, trained all resources on new procedures and scheduled test runs of fail-over procedures. Project resulted in redundant and fault tolerant EMR and improved service level commitments.

Vendor Management

At every client engagement I have been involved with vendor identification, selection, management, and optimization. While working as a subject matter expert on process re-engineering projects with FileNet systems I was a UserNet board member. Additionally, I presented CRM implementation success strategies for Oracle/Seibel presentations. This relationship with the vendor was critical in providing leverage on contract negotiations project service level improvements.